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Therefore we recognise the need for a high level of service which most importantly includes, meeting tight deadlines and delivering quality products at competitive prices. We build automated solutions for new devices as well as devices that are already in use. The main lines of business we selected were the repairs of car engines and running gear and the manufacturing of suspension gear and other parts.

Industry Estonia supplier database industryestonia. C om emliit. The largest engineering industry companies are A s h ekotek woodworking equipmentOÜ Palmse Mehaanikakoda, Oniar OÜ timber trailers, log liftsA s s ami construction lifts, forestry machineryA s Tech g roup production automation equipment, production linesOÜ Technobalt Eesti conveyer systemsA s Finmec, A s Rauameister handling and lifting equipment and parts thereofInterconnect Product Assembly A s industrial equipment, industrial electronics Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd, OÜ PMT different equipment for the engineering industrys veba-Dahlen b altic OÜ food industry equipmentA s Pesmel Eesti assembly systems and Metos A s industrial kitchen equipment.

The metal industry employs more than 14, people in Estonia, making it one of the largest industries after the timber industry and next to the food industry. More than 1, companies operate in the industry.

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The largest are PK c Eesti A s wiring harnesses for the car industryA s n orma car safety systems, seat beltss toneridge Electronics A s electronic equipment for the car industryA s Fors MW timber trailers, cranesA s Respo h aagised, OÜ b irger and A s b estnet trailersOÜ Tarmetec car accessoriesu niversal Industries OÜ silencersb altic Workboats A s aluminium boatsA s l uksusjaht plastic yachts and motor boats.

Many shipbuilding and repair companies are included under repair of machinery and equipment, such as several subsidiaries of bl RT g rupp A s. Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry is a non-profit organization with members as machine building and metal companies and Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd education organizations.

Our members differ from Estonian biggest and experienced companies to small and flexible companies. The association includes all Estonian major educational organizations in the field of Engineering.

Tallinn l asnamäe s chool of Mechanics is the only vocational school in Estonia, as a certified welding training center and has the right to issue welding certificates, in accordance with the rules D vs and D vs The school has been recognized as a vocational training center in all the curriculum groups by professional associations conducting invitation examinations.

We are partnered with several successful manufacturers in the textile, timber, metal, food and peat industries. We grab any opportunity to simplify industrial processes Kiirendatud tootajate aktsiakapitali andmine both hands.

Our goal is to not remove people from industrial processes altogether, but rather give them the chance to extract themselves from their more dangerous and unpleasant stages. We provide industrial automation from the design and assembly phases through to subsequent development and maintenance.

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We build automated solutions for new devices as well as devices that are already in use. The main lines of business we selected were the repairs of car engines and running gear and the manufacturing of suspension gear and other parts. The company also designs and produces equipment and tools for repair workshops in batch series and on a by-order basis.

It is only due to close international links and continuous exchange of information with technical support centres and top masters of the trade — highly knowledgeable specialists in diesel engine repairs — that achieving success in this sphere has been possible.

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The experience we have accumulated, the continuous updating of our machine pool and our highly qualified personnel allow us to ensure top quality of batch production and limited production alike. We are part of subcontracting industry. In short, with all you need to get a competitive production environment. We have a broad and flexible range of tools and machines that allow us to provide our customers with flexibility, stability, security and a clear goal in front of their eyes.

Increased profitability of our workshop customers. IME cc offers: production and automation consulting, incl. Zircon has a reputation for manufacturing quality, efficient tools with high production stability. Our aim is to establish a close working relationship with all our customers.

Therefore we recognise the need for a high level of service which most importantly includes, meeting tight deadlines and delivering quality products at competitive prices.

Our customers are companies that use conveyors in their production. Technobalt sales and service network covers all major b altic regions. The strength of Technobalt is making Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd tailor-made projects adjusted to every customer different needs.

Our projects are designed by engineering team committed to develope a loacation and material specific projects every day, run by well experienced project managers and installed by competent service team. Together we will find solution for all your special needs! We are the first and the only company in Estonia, whose candidates pass thorough inspection and tests in a specially equipped classroom.

We design, develop and produce a wide range of equipment used for fine grinding, crushing, mixing, emulsification and homogenisation. We also develop and Parim Bitcoin Online Investment devices which are mainly used for foodstuff industries as well as for packaging liquids and pastes into plastic containers.

During the last 43 years of working in this area, our engineers have developed a large number of various mills, mixers, emulsifiers and homogenisers, as well as the accessory equipment, which allows for the machines to be applied in different technological fields. There are six people in the company, of who four are engineers with long work experience.

The main activities in fields of creating hot gas generators are: 1. Integrated design of wood fired power plants. Design of scraping conveyors, belt conveyors, worm conveyors and screw conveyors. Organization of the construction of self-designed equipment and the monitoring of projects.

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Design and construction of wood granules fuelled container boilers, with heating power of — kW. We are engaged in mechanical engineering and design development.

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The company started its activities by digitizing drawings and offering simple design solution. In the summer of Insero OÜ applied for the start-up grant issued by EA s to obtain a s olidWorks license to be able to offer more complex design solutions.

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It resulted in the increase of capacity and the complexity and allowed us to expand s candinavian markets. Over the years our collective has grown steadily and we have integrated Autodesk Inventor in our designing process.

We aim to be a manufacturer that makes the impossible possible, thus we always take on a challenge when it presents itself. We are a solution-finding company so we are pleased to manufacture prototypes as well as large series. There are no limits as to what we can produce. We have the head office, sales department and project management in n orway.

Manufacturing, machining and hydraulic, and mechanical assembly is carried out in Estonia. We have been operating in the railway sector, for almost years and we will continue doing business in this area. The illustrations, which form a crucial part of our visual identity, represent our vision of the future. We must also adapt to the fourth industrial revolution. Automation and robotics are keywords that we need to address today. The future is an exciting place, full of opportunity. In addition, we employ a product designer who graduated from the Academy of Arts.

The company was founded in by Finnish specialists who had been for decades working in the field of wood processing. Due to their experience h ekotek has now grown into the largest b altic manufacturer of sawmill and bioenergy sectors equipment.

For 25 years h ekotek has been successfully developing, and similarly to all the previous years today we are striving for new achievements and heights. We are always happy to help our existing and potential customers to find the most efficient solution for their production needs.

We offer software solutions for product lifecycle management, support and trainings. P l M g roup is also a reseller of industry leading 3D printers. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing. All reconstruction works conform to the strict regulations stated by the vehicle manufacturer and valid in the European u nion. We believe that Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd is built by people, and our mission is to bring the best employees and the best employers together. In the broadest sense, working with the right people is the key to success.

Our main field of business Londoni linna binaarsed variandid robotics, industrial engineering and product development. Optimum size of production batches is to 10, pieces. The parts manufactured by Enemat l td are used in the fields on medicine, automatics, weaponry, etc. The company was established in with a purpose to offer outsorcing services of metalworking and machine building to major European manufacturers of industrial equipment.

Over the years we have been able to stay on course, achieve our goals and significantly increase our skills and knowledge. We started out as a small manufacturing company of welding constructions but today we are able to produce and deliver tested equipment that is ready to use.

It means that our delivered products already include installed bearings, cables, electric motors and many other components. We have about tons of high quality stainless steel in stock. Fortaco g roup has operations in multiple European b usiness s ites and Technology h ubs, which are supporting our global customers.

We specialise in precision machining of different metal and plastic materials. Our aim: maximised productivity and competitiveness for our customers.

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We ensure a personal approach in every stage of the production — Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd cutting, bending, punching, welding, finishing and assembly. This reduces costs and increases productivity. The product portfolio includes oversolutions from stock, which are completed by systems and services.

The innovative power Jaga valik Tehingute arvestust igus® is reflected in hundreds of new products and solutions every year. All products and solutions can be simulated and configured online. In addition, we will provide you with samples for your own tests. Delivery is fast and with minimum order quantities.

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Our experienced management and personnel execute projects from study phase through to completion covering all stages and providing exceptional support, as a consequence our conceptual engineering has strong practical influence.

Ta ühendab mehhanotehnika valdkonna kutseühendusi, seltse, ühinguid, ettevõtteid, haridusasutusi ja nende teaduskondi ning muid mehaanikainseneride organisatsioone. ME c offers services from 3D design to advanced structural analysis including contact definitions, large Cool Air Systems Trading Pte Ltd and material non-linearities. The company has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling of steel constructions.

We are specialists in sheet metal processing. A comprehensive capacity includes fiber-laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, machining, finishing and assembling as part of our main speciality.

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We have expertise with variety of trade sectors, in particular Machine b uilding, Transport, Telecommunications, Power g eneration, Professional Appliances, Furniture and c onstruction in s candinavia, b altics and g ermany. Alise Technic was established in and has operations in Estonia with production premises of 4, m 2. Our objective has been to produce high-quality trailers that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers. Our trailers are sold in s weden, n orway, Russia, u kraine, b elarus, l atvia, l ithuania and Estonia, and in Finland.

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On yearly basis we manufacture and market over 15 trailers. In addition to trailers we make subcontracting work metal constructions for world leading green energy companies.

The first involves the production of components and assemblies for commercial vehicles as well as for track- bound traffic. The other business area involves manufacturing parts for special aluminium and steel products which includes industrial components and assemblies for railway industry, power and automation technology as well as advanced technical parts for telecommunication technology.

Manufacturing of metal structures and equipment.