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So what do you do if you have been lagging this market and are feeling a bit frustrated? Tänased esinejad on president ja tegevjuht Chris Blunt ning tegevjuht ja finantsdirektor Dennis Vigneau. Meil on horisondil rohkem investori turundusplaane nii lähiajal kui ka kogu aasta vältel. Me edastame ka seansi üle. Ja oletage, et turu volatiilsuses lubasite detsembris neid kiirendada ja ära kasutada vääralt hinnatud varasid.

Frustration, 10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success. We see a lot of celebration in the media and big blaring headlines in the newspapers about the fantastic gains, but under the surface there is a tremendous amount of anxiety. The market would be very easy if everyone were fully invested and just riding things straight up, but that isn't the case.

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In fact, one of the major tailwinds for this market is the horde of folks who are very underinvested and anxiously trying to make some buys. They keep waiting for things to pull back, and when it doesn't happen, they jump in anyway and keep the uptrend going.

If you are feeling frustrated because you have been lagging the market recently, it is important to realize that you are not in an unusual position.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

The folks who do best in this sort of market are those who tend to stay fully invested at all times. They likely rode the market down and are now enjoying the ride back up. Of course they are going to be feeling much better about things, and that 10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud the celebration we see reflected in the media.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

So what do you do if you have been lagging this market and are feeling a bit frustrated? First, you need to appreciate that the nature of trading is that you will underperform in certain types of markets.

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You will make excellent gains in the right stocks in a runaway market, but if you are trading, the likelihood is that you have taken some profits prematurely and have had too much cash in a market as strong as this one. That is just the nature of the beast: If you have a trading discipline that requires taking gains on a regular basis, you will be underinvested in a market like this.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

Once you accept the fact that not all markets will reward all trading styles, the next thing is to realize that the character of the market will change at some point. The big danger of being frustrated is that you will start to trade differently and find yourself with a whole new approach just at the point that the market starts to shift.

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Markets always evolve, and big moves always give way to something else eventually. Even if it is a new bull market, we will have periods of basing and pullbacks after the big trend move.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

Don't get discouraged if you aren't keeping pace in this market. The most important determinant of success in the market is persistence.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

You have to keep plugging away at it through good times and bad. The main point I'm trying to make here is that the market isn't a black and white thing.

10B5 1 Share Option Tehingud

It isn't as simple as "'up' is good and 'down' is bad. Don't get discouraged if you're feeling left out of the big celebration. There is far more frustration out there than you may think.

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We have the GDP numbers hitting this morning and are getting a slight negative reaction so far, probably due to the lower-than-expected personal consumption. Overseas markets in Asia were strong, which probably helped to hold us up this morning after some late selling yesterday, but profit-taking is on the minds of many, and I'm looking for much Stock kauplemise susteemid skittish action. Select solar stocks pulling back: SOLF Other news: AGEN Analyst comments: LVLT