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The Nehrus and the Gandhis: an Indian dynasty. India ajalugu. Sama saatus tabab tema poega Rajivit peaminister

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Raud, Neeme, USA välisminister Condoleezza Rice sõnas välissuhete komitees esinedes, et tuumatehnoloogiale ja piirkondlikule hegemooniale suuna võtnud Iraan on USA-le Lähis-Idas suurim strateegiline väljakutse. In India's population was estimated at million with an annual growth rate of 2.

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Although India occupies only 2. India dominates the South Asian subcontinent geographically. The people of India have had a continuous civilization since about B. This civilization declined about B.

During the next few centuries, India flourished under several successive empires.

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The 1st British outpost in South Asia was established in at Surat on the northwestern coast of India. The British gradually expanded their influence until, by the s, they controlled almost the entire area of present-day India.

Independence was attained on August 15,and India became a dominion within the Commonwealth of Nations with Jawaharlal Nehru as prime minister. According to its constitution, India is a "sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. The Congress Party has ruled India since independence with the.

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