Baltic Commerce System Ltd

For Estonian clients we have full support for ID-card and m-ID infrastructure and integration Naturally - we support integrations with social media accounts and proprietary user databases. We can plan, build, migrate, manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure. If a system is missing or process needs to be digitalised we will build the missing pieces using Java technology stack. The team also includes a unit for native mobile application development using React Native or Flutter. Rain Benrot, interactive adm.

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We analyse your business processes and your digital infrastructure. We will create a plan how best develop, invest and use your current and future digital infrastructure to grow your revenue or optimise your workflows.

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We develop information portals, service platforms, e-commerce solutions or websites. We provide support, maintenance and content management services for different content management platforms and for the solutions we develop.

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Rain Benrot, interactive adm. Our architects and analysts analyse your back-office processes and system, their integrations to create development and integration roadmaps and architectural concepts.

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For example when data from sales management system need to get into the accounting, customer relations or third party solutions. Most often this problem is only postponed by interconnecting all systems.

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But there is critical number of subsystems where the management overhead "explodes". We help to analyse and create integration solutions with appropriate scale to match the client's needs. This involves classic messaging service buses but also special de-centralized solutions.

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We have developed an authentication solution to support our portal- and integration projects.