Trading Automation System.

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Why to choose pneumatic transport systems from Pristis?

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The main advantages of using tubular systems are: Secure transport of valuable and sensitive materials Lower costs and higher labor productivity using progressive automation Hospitals Hospitals are complex communities with a number of critical tasks to ensure good health care.

In hospitals, thepneumatic system system combines speed and reliability by transporting blood and tissue samples, medications, prescriptions, laboratory test results, and other materials.

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Trade sector Trading Automation System large amounts of cash handled in the trading sector, both at the cash desk and by hand to the cashier, pose an increased risk to staff and customers, as cash is the main target for theft and robbery. The Pneumatic systems takes excess cash from the cashier to a safe area or safe.

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Cash can also be sent to cashiers from a secure area. Cash is moved quickly, safely and reliably to a security area, while protecting cash, staff and customers.

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Industrial plants Industrial companies have many departments and different working areas. Businesses must constantly lower their production costs while meeting quality requirements. Industrial Pneumatic systems transport small parts, powders, pellets, tools as well as cold and fiery metal samples. The systems can also cover the Trading Automation System industrial areas at a distance.

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Banks Banks are expected to provide first-class, high-security customer service at optimum cost. By implementing Pneumatic systems, money and documents can be handled safely and quickly.

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How do we do that? Cooperation with Costumers Optimal solutions for building a low-voltage solution are found in cooperation with the Clientr, with the aim of ensuring that the requirements are met at the optimum cost Cooperation with suppliers in partnership with international suppliers of equipment we offer and based on their experience, we can provide solutions for even the most complex buildings and facilities Coperation with designers the advice of our specialists is highly valued in the largest design companies in Estonia and the cooperation of highly experienced specialists ensures the best result for the client Cooperation with general contractors AS Pristis is a prime contractor among the general contractors you can always count on The process.

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