Swing Trading System

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Our time frames are adjustable through the extremely flexible Renko candlestick charts. By use of Renko candlestick charts we have crystal clear system signals… regardless of the speed of the market action.

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This is specifically engineered to make steady profit without taking any unnecessary risks so it keeps losses at a minimum. This easy to follow training material covers our proven system that is explained through live market action charts and trade example training videos.

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The VBFX Forex System training is designed so that you can learn the entire trading system in only one day… simple rules and effective training! This platform is free from most all major Forex brokers throughout the world. Yes for sure!

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The VBFX training includes trading examples for both intraday scalping and longer term swing trading. You can use our flexible system to trade 1 et 2 hours a day or you can trade our system as a very active trader, monitoring the markets for signals as your full time job… your choice!

Swing Trading System at all! We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services company. Everything you need to trade the VBFX trading system is included in your system purchase… no additional trading tools required.

The VBFX Forex System, and the information explained in the step by step training modules, can be utilized anywhere in the world.

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The system has been built for the MT4 platform. All you need is an internet connection, your MT4 platform, and your broker supplied data feed.

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