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As recently as May, he locked in a profit on a big stake. Winnick, who is chairman of Global Crossing, continued to be a savvy investor. Joseph P. The pension is much better. Performances other than the compensation mentioned in the agreement on performance as a corporate officer may only be rendered if a law or legal regulation says so or an internal policy that was approved by the same body which is competent to approve the agreement on performance as a corporate officer , or else with the consent of such body and possibly an affirmative statement by the supervisory board, if a supervisory board was installed at the company , as per Sec.

That is because Global Crossing Ltd. But some of Global Crossing's executives and directors have done quite well, cashing out to varying degrees the last couple Stock Options Pension plaan years.

Detailne otsing If the position of managing director or executive or supervisory board member at a corporation is to be filled with someone who receives compensation for their discharge of duties, then an agreement on performance as a corporate officer must be made. This agreement on performance as a corporate officer must be made in writing and be approved by the general meeting and if it is the supervisory board which elects the members of the board of directors at a joint-stock company, then the above-mentioned agreement must be approved also by the supervisory board. Further, the agreement must contain certain mandatory specifications on compensation under the law i. Specifically, the following must be stated in the agreement: i All components of the compensation package, i.

Not a bad pretax return for anyone, even if the nearly 9 percent of the company he still owns has dwindled in value, knocking him off the Forbes list of the wealthiest people in America. Long after the telecommunications bubble burst, Mr.

Winnick, who is chairman of Global Crossing, continued to be a savvy investor.

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As recently as May, he locked in a profit on a big stake. It is hard to have 80 percent or 90 percent of your assets in one stock. But is he getting out at what he perceives to be the top?

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Does he see something as an insider that we don't? There is a fine line between portfolio diversification and the perception of bailing out of a stock. Winnick has said that he and the Pacific Capital Group, an investment firm he controls, were selling for diversification.

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Other company insiders also sold earlier this year. David A. Joseph P. Clayton, director and division officer and president of Global Crossing North America, owned roughly 2 million shares and options, according to a filing in April. He owned about John M. Scanlon, a director and one-time chief executive of the company, sold 70, of his 2.

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Winnick envisioned a telecommunications empire with undersea fiber optic cables that would become a worldwide network to transmit information via the Internet. Part of the company's rapid growth came through acquisitions, including the Frontier Corporation.

Rochester Telephone remade itself in when its president, Ronald Bittner, created a corporate parent named Frontier, which tried to become a player in long-distance, fiber optics and cellular services.

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Employees of the telephone company wound up pushed into shares of Frontier and then of Global Crossing. The union, Local of the Communications Workers of America, which represents telephone workers in Rochester, had a traditional pension plan, under which retirees received a guaranteed monthly payment.

Они ступили в ее проем, сделали несколько шагов по коридору и совершенно неожиданно для себя очутились вдруг в огромной круглой камере, стены которой плавно сходились в трехстах футах над их головами. Каменная колонна, внутри которой они спустились сюда, казалась больно уж хрупкой, чтобы держать на себе все эти миллионы тонн скальной породы. В общем-то, она даже не выглядела как неотъемлемая часть всего этого помещения, а так, словно бы ее добавили сюда значительно позднее основного строительства. Хедрон, проследив взгляд Олвина, пришел точно к такому же Эта колонна, -- сказал он, явно нервничая и словно бы испытывая неодолимую потребность хоть что-нибудь, да говорить, -- была построена просто для того чтобы нести в себе шахту, по которой мы сюда и прибыли.

But inthat plan was frozen, and all workers were told that subsequently they Stock Options Pension plaan begin receiving Frontier stock instead for their retirement. Many workers also bought additional shares from the company.

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When Global Crossing bought Frontier inthe union argued that the workers should be able to diversify the company's contribution out of stocks, saying that a company financed mostly with junk Oppetunnid kaubandusvoimalustest was too speculative for retirement savings.

He did not sell when the stock began to slide, he said, because "you like to remain committed to the firm. Simonetti added, "because when you own a significant number of shares, you want to work hard and make the company prosper so you will prosper.

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Hogan, 62, a lineman who plans to retire soon, saved for retirement mostly through the the Rochester Telephone k and stock purchase plans. It is guaranteed, and no matter what happens I will still get that amount, while you are always at risk with any k plan when you invest in stock or mutual funds. The pension FX-valikute raamatupidamisdokumendid much better.

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The workers were finally given a chance to sell their Global Crossing shares. Citizens declined to say how many workers had diversified.

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Kaufler, its chief strategist. But it started buying Global Crossing again a year ago.

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Kaufler said his wife inherited some Rochester Telephone shares and held them all the way down.