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Droege, S. In many, if not most places, they are abundant.

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In wetter Parandada kauplemissusteemi of the East, almost anyone outside on a warm rainy night in spring will hear their dream-like calls, bellows, trills and snores. Even in the deserts of the Southwest, a nocturnal trip after a summer monsoon will yield toads moving across the roads toward a cacophonous orgy of mating and calling in the roadside ditches and desert pools.

Birds share with frogs and toads this same sense of presence in our daily lives.

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But the difference is that birds are like the attractive neighbor who just never gives you the time of day, while frogs are more like the troglodyte who appears regularly to chat, philosophize, and have a beer. Uninvited, frogs appear in our water gardens, toads are on our stoops in the morning, we catch them when we are kids, raise their babies in the aquarium, and feel sorry when we find we have run them over with the lawnmower.

When concerns about declining populations of amphibians reached the mass media, the Secretaries' office became involved.

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In addition to using traditional research mechanisms to investigate the problem, the Secretary also wanted to involve the public directly.

The combination of high public appeal and the relative ease with which frog calls can be learned made a large-scale monitoring program for frogs and toads possible. What emerged was a program called Frogwatch USA, modeled after a successful Canadian program with a similar name.

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A web site was created www. Observers chose where to count frogs depending on what they felt was important. For some it was their backyard, others chose vulnerable wetlands Michael Gray Share Option tehingud their neighborhoods, or spots on local refuges and parks.