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Diane James NI. Now, it is a very good report. I am not criticising the author; I am criticising the aspect that the ETS system is fundamentally flawed.

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It has got little to do Jaga Valikud Argentina lowering emissions.

It is designed to raise revenue as a stealth tax, and it is also designed as a protectionist measure. The net effect of the proposed changes to the ETS in aviation policy will mean more taxes on tourists, more taxes on business travellers, and it will push up the price of imports.

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That helps European Union-based manufacturers and farmers, but ultimately does not help the aviation sector. Seán Kelly PPE. Up until last year, obstacles were continually posed by third countries to European legislation being applicable to their airlines, and this was to the extent that aviation had never been applied to the emissions trading system ETS in its original scope.

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EU provisions on flights between the EU and third countries have been suspended twice with a view to encouraging the International Civil Aviation Organization process to agree on a global strategy to decrease aviation emissions. It is imperative that we take measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from international aviation. This is essential to keep global warming below Hav kauplemise susteem two degrees above pre-industrial levels as agreed in the Paris agreement on climate change, where I had the honour of representing this Parliament.

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