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Health, 3. Veterinary Medicine B Veterinary medicine, surgery, physiology, pathology, clinical studies Supervisor s : Aleksandr Semjonov, Toomas Orro Place and year: Tartu The object of this study was to ENDO Share Option tehingute the efficacy and safety of the combination of butorphanol, azaperone and medetomidine with a low dose of ketamine BAM-Ket for immobilisation of chacma baboons Papio ursinus.

Six male chacma baboons were used in a dose titration study and another fifteen baboons were immobilized and monitored for physiological response to BAM-Ket.

The dose titration study showed that ketamine is needed in the protocol since BAM on its own cannot produce complete immobilisation in baboons.

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In the second part of the study, following doses were used: BAM 0. BAM-Ket protocol produced a minimum of 40 minutes of immobilisation, with induction times of 3. In conclusion, BAM with a low dose of ketamine produces short-term general anaesthesia in baboons that allows for minor veterinary procedures such as blood collection and microchipping.

Terviseuuringud, 3. Sobiva BAM annuse määramiseks kasutati kuut isast karupaaviani.

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Veel viisteist paaviani immobiliseeriti ja jälgiti selgitamaks karupaavianide füsioloogilisi muutusi BAM-Ket anesteesia ajal. Sobiva annuse uuring näitas, et ketamiini lisamine on vajalik, kuna ainuüksi BAM ei taga paavianidel vajalikku immobilisatsiooni taset.

Kasutatud BAM-Ket anesteesia tagas minimaalselt minutilise immobilisatsiooni, induktsioon oli 3,46 ± 1,36 minutit ja täielik taastumine toimus 4,8 ± 2,8 minutit peale antidoodi atipamezool, naltreksoon manustamist. Kokkuvõtteks võib öelda, et väikese ketamiiniannusega BAM tekitab paavianides lühiajalise üldanesteesia, ENDO Share Option tehingute võimaldab väiksemaid veterinaarprotseduure, nagu vere kogumine ja mikrokiibistamine. Chemically immobilising animals makes it possible to handle, transport or ENDO Share Option tehingute animals that would otherwise be too dangerous to approach and handle.

It also reduces stress related injuries such as capture myopathy, associated with physical restraint Paterson, Different agents have been tested in primates, most commonly ketamine in combination with either benzodiazepines or α2-agonists.

In this thesis, a fixed-dose combination of butorphanol, azaperone Plus ulevaade valikutehingute ulevaade medetomidine with a low dose of ketamine BAM-Ket is considered as an alternative protocol to previously used immobilisation protocols in baboons Papio. The fixeddose combination of butorphanol, azaperone and medetomidine BAM has shown to produce safe and reliable immobilisation in both different ungulate ENDO Share Option tehingute carnivore species e.

Wolfe et al. It has recently also been shown that BAM can be used to produce immobilisation in macaques Macaca mulatta Malinowski et al. The compound is both reversible and is believed to have good analgesic properties, making it useful for mildly painful procedures during immobilisation.

The low dose of ketamine is used to enable complete immobilisation, without having significant impact on the reversibility of the combination. For evaluating the effects of BAM-Ket in baboons, this study was performed in two parts.

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In the first part a titration study of BAM was performed. The second part of the study consisted of a prospective clinical trial in which physiological parameters of immobilised baboons were monitored.

The main objective of the study was to determine the efficacy of the protocol as an anaesthetic for baboons.

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For this, the combination s ability to produce immobilisation was evaluated. This was done by analysing induction times, depth and duration of anaesthesia, as well as the recovery processes.

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A second aim was to evaluate the safety and risks of using BAM-Ket in baboons, which was done by detailed monitoring of physiological parameters during the immobilisation. Any adverse effects were documented, with an extra focus on the parameters describing the cardiorespiratory system.

La medicina es arte y ciencia; como tal, durante su ejercicio se pueden presentar innumerables situaciones en las que no siempre será posible haber tenido certeza en la decisión, o en el diagnóstico, o en el tratamiento; esto es el "acto médico"; acto que al analizarse de forma retrospectiva puede dar otra interpretación o verdad generando entonces lo que se considera o define como un error en la práctica médica. Lo anterior ha existido y seguirá existiendo porque la medicina es ejercida por seres humanos y en toda acción humana existe margen o posibilidad de error; en este ejercicio tan delicado, el médico siempre utilizará todos los medios a su alcance y expondrá lo mejor de su conocimiento. Procurará por principios, por su formación profesional, por su ética y su humanismo la intención de lograr los mejores resultados en la salud de su paciente. Nunca en el acto médico habrá el dolo de realizar el mal o perjuicio hacia el paciente. El error diagnóstico, susceptible de ocurrir en el ejercicio de la medicina, no debería ser criminalizado y debería ser juzgado por los mismos profesionales médicos pares en los.

Natural history of baboons Baboons are primates belonging to the family Cercopithecidae of the suborder Haplorhini. The chacma baboon is one of five Kaubandusstrateegiad turuprofiiliga species within the family.

Baboons are omnivores and their diet consists mostly of different plants, fruits, nuts, and they might occasionally feed on insects and small rodents. Chacma baboons live in strict social structures called troops. A troop is led by an alpha male who forms strong social bonds with the females and their offspring.

The role of the alpha male is vital for maintaining the structure and harmony within the troop.

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Females usually inherit their rank from their mother, whereas the ranks between adult males are in a constant turnover. The competition among males for female partners is intense and may result in violent fights Kalbitzer et al.

An alpha male showing signs of weakness may be challenged by other males that wish to take his place, therefore younger males of lower rank will be suppressed or chased away from the troop.

Young males usually migrate from their native troop when they reach puberty and may then join other troops Barton et al. Being an opportunistic species, baboons may migrate into urban areas in search for food and new territories, where they may end up feeding on agricultural fields or waste left by humans.

Baboons are disliked in many human societies, as they may be dangerous, aggressive, and are known to cause damage to property e.

Another matter of concern is that, since baboons are closely related to humans, we share many diseases with them, e. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a zoonotic pathogen that raises concern Keet et al. This pathogen is found in different species of primates and can cause serious illness in humans. Other pathogens that were recently detected in a screening of wild chacma baboons in South Africa included hepatitis A virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr viruses and herpes B virus Drewe et al.

To prevent conflicts between humans and wild animal populations, there is a need for developing different strategies for controlling the movements of the troops.

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This requires cooperation of many different instances as well as new, safe and efficient techniques in handling these animals, ENDO Share Option tehingute as entire troops as well as on an individual level. Wild baboons are not only captured for population control purposes but also for conservational reasons. There are different organizations that ENDO Share Option tehingute to preserve the wild troops by moving problematic animals away from populated areas, nursing orphans and working with disease control e.

Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education C. Some approaches are more invasive than others, however, safety of both the animal as well as of the handler should be the primary Jaga Valikud Salt Hampton. Some captive individuals can be trained to cooperate, e.

This technique minimizes the stress for the animal; however, it ENDO Share Option tehingute time consuming to train animals and the technique is unsuitable for wild individuals. Physical restraint for simple procedures or measurements Parim tennise kauplemise strateegia be achieved by using specific squeeze cages or restraint chairs figure 1.

Monkey secured in a restraint chair NC3Rs, A downside in using such methods is that they may cause significant stress to the animal.

Stressed animals are not only more dangerous to handle, but may develop severe complications, including metabolic acidosis due to increase in blood lactate levels and induced capture myopathy Bush et al.

This applies especially when working with semiwild or wild individuals.

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Furthermore, it is unethical to cause unnecessary stress and suffering to animals European commission, Therefore, especially any procedures causing pain or discomfort should be performed under anaesthesia. In some cases, the animals may be caught in cages prior to injection. This allows for closer approach, which in turn may allow the use of pole-syringes for administering the drug.

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Alternatively, the delivery can be done by using remote administration techniques. Remote drug delivery is challenging since it requires good darting skills and the person handling the gun needs to get close enough to ensure a safe shot Isaza et al.

Safe intramuscular injection sites in baboons are in the shoulder muscles or the hindquarters gluteal muscles. The skin and muscles of the baboons are thin, and soft tissue or even bone damage is common.

Therefore it is essential to choose the correct dart and needle size as well as carefully adjust the darting speed according to the distance, to prevent unnecessary trauma Shury, Monkeys tend to pull out the dart as soon as it hits them, making quick release darts useful, to ensure that a full dose of the drug is injected.

By ensuring a safe environment prior to darting, the risk of injuries associated with induction can significantly be reduced Arnemo et al. Darted animals may try to climb trees in search of safety, which is problematic since they can fall and injure themselves once the effect of the anaesthetic sets in. A real challenge when working with monkeys is that their intelligence enables them to ENDO Share Option tehingute learn to discover the source of danger.

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It may Strateegia muugiks kulla easy to dart the first animals in a troop, but as the rest of the animals start to recognize the source of the darts, they learn quickly to hide whenever they see a dart gun. It is also vital to make sure that the baboons are fully recovered after immobilisation before re-joining them with the troop.

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To ensure safety, it is vital to monitor the animal during the procedure starting from the induction, throughout the immobilisation until the animal has reached complete recovery. A minimum requirement is to monitor the respiration, however, once the animal is approachable, most common reflexes, heart rate HR and body temperature will give valuable information about the depth of anaesthesia and individual response to the anaesthetics.

Anaesthetic depth is mainly evaluated based on palpebral reflex, reaction to stimuli micro-chipping, injections and jaw tonus.

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In case of painful stimulation, changes in HR, blood pressure BP and respiratory rate RR may be expected if the anaesthetic depth is light. The availability of antagonists to reverse the immobilisation is of great value, both to reverse any observed adverse effects and to ensure a quick and smooth recovery Wenkler, This effect could further be accentuated by the choice of anaesthetics, e.

Additionally, one concern regarding immobilisation of primates is that they are known to commonly exhibit signs of hypoxia when these types of anaesthetics are used Butelman et al. It is also common especially for wild primates to regurgitate under anaesthesia.

Ungari aktsiad BSE lehel. Balti aktsiahinnad reaalajas - Powertrader. Powertrader en LHV poolt välja töötatud kauplemissüsteem, millega en võimalik teha tehinguid Tallinna ja Rúa Börsil noteeritud väärtpaberitega. Lisaks saab jälgida reaalajas hindú, lugeda uudiseid, vaadata väärtpaberite graafikuid, lugeda lühitutvustusi ning foorumeid. Powertrader võimaldab LHV klientidel reaalajas esitatud Informatsiooni põhjal koheselt sisestada korraldusi aktsiate ostuks või müügiks ja veenduda nende edastamises börsile täitmises Ning võimalikus.

Due to this it may be advisable to intubate the animal and pay close attention to the oxygenation e. For more exact measurements arterial blood gas analysis can be performed as advanced monitoring.

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If the baboon exhibits severe hypoxia, supplemental oxygen should be provided. Anaesthetics Ideal chemical immobilisation protocol None of the drugs used today, fulfil all the criteria for an ideal anaesthetic agent. An anaesthetic agent should support a safe and easy drug delivery, meaning that the drug does not pose any significant danger to the person handling it, and that the therapeutic dose of the drug is of a convenient volume and consistency solubility for administration.

Substances that are used for immobilisation of wild animals should always be suitable for intramuscular IM administration, as other ways of administration are highly impractical or even impossible.

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The therapeutic interval for the drug should be broad, and the toxic dose should be significantly higher than the effective dose. By using a combination of different substances, the synergism of the combined drugs allows for decreasing of the doses of each substance and thereby theoretically also minimizing the dose dependent adverse effects of these compounds Kreeger, In addition, the compound should be effective and safe to use on a broad variety of species.

Ideally the drug should reach full action quickly, with a short or no excitement phase, and the length of effect should be suitable for simple procedures. Such procedures may include wound treatments, injections, micro-chipping, or short distance transportation.

As some of these procedures are considered mildly painful, anaesthetics with analgesic properties are beneficial. It should also be safe to top-off the drug in case longer anaesthesia is needed. The drug should provide a fast and smooth induction, followed by a stable and uneventful recumbency.